Corona Crypto

tyy ki
Jun 21, 2021


Creating a transparent Blockchain asset during the time of fighting with the pandemic and after the pandemic. A type of asset circulating on the Blockchain space of Binance Smart Chain.

Corona Project is a blockchain-based platform and provided by Corona tokens.

The number of asset codes created equals the existing world population. The number of Token symbol NCOR will be reduced (Burned) when the number of people in the world died from the epidemic, … With every death, there will be 100 tokens burned, the number of assets is reduced over time until the world overcomes the Coronavirus pandemic.

NCOR Token Information:

- Token Name: CoronaCrypto

- Symbol: NCOR

- Decimals: 18

- Network: Binance Smart Chain

- Platform: BEP-20

  • Max Supply: 7,878,000,000

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tyy ki